You may not have seen their adventures, but the name The Keystone Kops, or Cops as it is sometimes spelled, will probably ring a bell in your head. Mack Sennett produced several silent films featuring these inept and bumbling police officers in the early 20th century. This concept was revived several times. Some members appeared in cameos even as late as the 1950s.

The term is also used more broadly to describe any group that appears to be incompetent. This is the context that most people are familiar with today. The Keystone Kops, by IGT, is a series that features the antics and antics of police officers. These casino slot machines offer a variety of adventures. Still, all have a low-volatility, casual, and humorous approach designed to appeal to players who don’t want to play something too serious.

Three Adventures, One Police Force

Keystone Kops is a video slot machine that follows the adventures of a team of animated police officers who cause just as much trouble as their solutions. Three games are available: Shuffle Scuffle and Pilfering Dog. The brightly colored graphics and animations on all three games make it evident that the game is aimed at attracting gamblers. The penny slot machines are all configured similarly, making them affordable to low-limit players.

We would typically start by talking about the game mechanics. We’re taking a different approach because we have three games. Each game will be discussed separately. These three machines may look similar, but they have very different gameplay. You might prefer one over the other.

Every Dog Has Its Day

The game Pilfering Pooch has 60 pay lines and five reels. Players must match the symbols on their active lines from left to right. Basic payouts are provided by police equipment such as whistles, hats, handcuffs, and batons. Four different cops with different colored backgrounds are the highest-paying symbols. Wild symbols can be substituted for the other icons to complete winning lines.

The machine has a lot of unique features. However, it’s clear. This machine has an excellent quality when you get a dog-bone symbol on any of the reels. When you hit a dog bone symbol anywhere on the reels, a Keystone Kops appears, turning other characters into wilds. This is especially useful during the free spins when the screen expands and offers 200 pay lines. This feature can be triggered by each dog bone symbol independently. Each icon has the potential to generate up to 21 wilds.

The spin can trigger the progressive bonus round. The grid selects vaults that reveal bronze, gold, or silver icons. You will win the compensation if you match three icons in a line. However, the rewards are modest. Even the gold jackpot is only worth a couple of hundred dollars.

Pie in the Sky

All three machines have the same basic features, including the same pay lines, symbols, and progressive jackpot. The main difference is their unique features. Pie Patrol is one example where players hope to see pie maker symbols anywhere on the third spin. This will turn the entire third reel wild and allow you to enjoy an animated pie battle where many more wild symbols may appear. These symbols appear quite frequently, and they can result in some big payouts if you get a lot of five-of-a-kind combinations.

Shuffle up and Deal

Shuffle Scuffle is the name of the last Keystone Kops slot machine. It has one of the most unique special features. The shuffle feature will be activated if the player manages all the same high-value symbol (the cops), or wilds, on the third reel. This reel has only three positions, while the other reels have four. Random characters are transformed into the ones that activate the feature, and then the icons are mixed around the screen. It can lead to big wins, but they must still be guaranteed.

All in Good Fun

IGT’s Keystone Kops is a fun, casual series. It’s hard to win big in all three games. However, you will only go for a short period if you win. Although small, regular payouts may not be a favorite of serious gamblers, they can help keep users from going broke. These unique features will keep you entertained and offer you a chance to win some decent money. These new games are unlikely to gain a large following, but they will be perfect for those who want something easy and relaxing.

Tricolore 7s Slot Review

Tricolore 7s is an online slot featuring Italy’s flag colors on three reels with a single payline. Gamblers love the classic layout, easy gameplay, and simple interface. The reels are filled with colorful 7s and traditional BAR symbols. With the right combination, you can win up to 2500x your stake.

The bold red, green, and white color scheme looks great on all screens. Tricolore 7s is a slot game that offers an extensive bet range and simple gameplay with the potential to win big.

Benvenuto in Italia – Welcome to Italy

The graphics are kept deliberately simple, but there is a touch of the famed Italian design flair throughout. The three colors of Italy’s flag are wrapped around the game’s title above the reels. On the side of the main screen, you can see little maps of Italy that break up the greens and the reds.

As with most three-reel games, the pay lines table is always visible in the Tricolore 7s online slot game. The table is located above the reels and contains all the information about how much your stake will be multiplied when BARs or sevens appear in a winning combination. The 7s and BARs are colored green, white, and red to match the theme.

IGT is one of the leading developers. The Tricolore 7s slot is infused with Italian style by their artists, but the soundtrack consists of a series of beeps and bleeps. Pessimo!Pessimo!).

Select Your Stakes

You can play Tricolore 7s for free here. However, the minimum stake in real money is only 0.01 cents per spin. Your bet can be increased in small increments up to 100.00. This covers the majority of budgets and bankrolls. You won’t be surprised if you know the three-reel games with a single payline.

Tricolore 7s is a fully licensed online slot machine, just like all IGT slots. The theoretical RTP is 92.54%-96.24%. This is typical for traditional three-reeler games.

The top prize is 250,000.00 when you stake a maximum of 100.00 per round. You can bet as little as 0.01 to win 25.00.

More Three-Reel Action

Tricolore 7s Slots and other classic games have a long-lasting appeal. It’s not surprising that several retro-styled slots games have the same format. Reel Classic 3 is one of the most famous examples of a simple game with three reels and a single payline. The vibrant colors, bold, simple symbols of this game will grab your attention, and the pay lines chart, which shows a maximum prize of 5,000 coins.

Diamond Jackpot is a video slot by Betsoft that takes things to the next level. The game is designed to look just like a real slot machine. It has angled buttons, a virtual console, and a hint of a casino wall. The game is almost identical to Tricolore 7s, with just a few differences. You can win a developed jackpot by placing three diamonds on a payline.

Rome: A Guide to the Best of It

You will appreciate the thrill of winning big without worrying about distracting features. This is one of the most straightforward slots to play, which is why so many gamblers enjoy it.

During our Tricolor 7s Review, we found that the game has a medium level of volatility. A nice balance between frequency and relative value will appeal to many players. The jarring soundtrack might need some improvement. Fortunately, mobile and online slots allow you to silence the volume.

Check out our IGT-endorsed online casinos if you enjoy simple games with a splash or color.