This last week I came to know that there have been a circus in the town and I came to know about this by my 12 years old kid. He came running to me and told me that his classmates were talking about this circus show as they went to see it. And later my kid also demanded to watch the same and I was kind of busy that time, so I promised him to get there the next day.

So, the next day came and I was there with the kid watching the circus, and believe I was really glad that I went there to see it as it was really mind blowing. So that night, when I came back home the same clown, the tigers, the juggler and the wild tamed animals were going through my mind. Additionally I had this habit of playing online casino slots every night, so I thought of playing the pokie, which is based on the same theme of what I saw that night.

This was it and I easily found this online pokie called the grand circus. As the name is clearly indicating the poker machine is thoroughly themed of the mega circus. And coming to the specs it is a 5 reel, twenty payline casino slots that can be played at most of the top online casinos. With this poker machine, the player will get the option of playing anywhere between single and 10 coins per line, or up to maximum of two hundred coins with the real money version.  So after knowing about the necessary thing about it, I finally made my mind to play it with the free play option that comes with the free spin and I really had a great time enjoying this classic slot machine.