I have been a diehard fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger for so long, and to be precise you can say when I saw his epic movie called terminator. This was such a revolutionary movie, which really changed the whole film industry and brought this concept of one man army. And I have adored every movie of same genre and especially if Arnold is in the cast.

Well, this last week I saw the same movie, which made me little nostalgic as I have seen this movie multiple times lately. So after seeing the movie I thought of playing the casino slot as well which would be based on the same theme. So when I looked over the web in search of the slot I found one that is based on the second part of the movie.

The name of the slot is also terminator 2 and coming to the specs, let me tell you that it is a 243 ways to win slot machine system, which means there are no set pay lines, so the player can create winning combinations of the symbols’ specific positions on each reel irrespectively.

So, when I get to know all about the pokie, I decide to check its rating and read reviews of it before finally playing it. And I was really overwhelmed by seeing the ratings as it is one of the most played online pokies of the gambling world.

And only after getting all assured with the specs, reviews, ratings and all I finally made the app download. And luckily with app download I got some free spins as well, with the free spins I took the play option and enjoyed the game. Then only I came to know the reason behind the popularity of this amazing slot machine.