This last week, I was having so much trouble in getting asleep and except from sleeping I had nothing to do. My wife and my kids were also out of town to their grandparents. I tried watching the television and this boring show name necklace with diamond was coming, but there was nothing good on it. After that I tried to do some social networking through Facebook and twitter.

But nothing was really working and finally I thought of playing pokies, which used to be my favorite pastime. But I have suffered some financial loss I had promised my wife not play these online casino games again. But this situation I thought I won’t be breaking the promise if I play these slot machines without real money and just for some fun.

So, I finally made the download of the free pokie app in my android mobile phone and started playing it with the free spins I got. As far as the game is concerned I downloaded the same game that I used to play few years back and the name of that slot is sterling silver 3D.

As the name is also suggesting that it is a 3D slot, this was the main reason that I used to play it. The real joy of playing the 3D slots really lies in playing them offline as on the local device you will get the better graphics and sound experience.  So that’s how I killed the time that night and it felt really great after playing online pokie after such a long time.